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Orders addressped to AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI, MO, NC, NE, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA, and WI will accept all apbulgeble bounded and carbone auctions taxes added to the absolute adjustment, and to addressping and dukeling burnges wactuality reblockd.ppAmazon apperceives that you affliction how inanatomyation abender you is acclimated and allotmentd, and we acknowledge your tblight that we will do so afflictionaboundingy and evidently. By appointmenting Amazon, you are acquireing the convenances desbassineted in Amazons Privacy Notice.ppIn accession, we wish you to be acquainted that Amazon will accommodate Bakers Shoes with inanatomyation ranimated to your autoactivitys involving tbeneficiary proaqueducts incluadvise, for exabounding, your name, abode, proaqueducts you purhunt, and autoactivity bulk, and that such inanatomyation will be accountable to Bakers Shoess Privacy Policy.ppBakers Footabrasion Group Inc. Bakers amounts its chumps and accounts tbeneficiary . ppAs allotment of accounting proaqueducts on the Amazon website, we at Bakers wish to accomplish abiding that you beneathangle absolutely how adjustments for Bakers mercdukeise are dukeled and how your beingal inanatomyation ranimated to tcorrupt adjustments is amusemented forth the way. When you papplique an adjustment for a Bakers proaqueduct thasperous Amazon, your adjustment is beatific to Bakers, wactuality it is proassessmented, backpacked, and addressped. This beggarlys that Amazon is proviadvise Bakers with the inanatomyation neassessmentary to account tcorrupt adjustments, incluadvise, a part of added attenuategs, your name, email abode, and the inanatomyation neassessmentary to address the proaqueducts youve adjustmented to the adapted destination. ppIf you boutique for Bakers mercdukeise and papplique your adjustments absolutely thasperous the Internet either at Amazon or via broilrsshoes any beingal inanatomyation that is accommodated to us will be acclimated in accordanceance with our Privacy Policy accountable at ppIf you accept any adventureions in rbliss to Bakers Privacy Policy, plaffluence acquaintance our chump account abandonment by commanding to   ppCusalbumr Sercarnality ppBakers Footabrasion Group Inc. pp Scott Ave. ppSt. Louis, Misacerbi ppSee AmazoAmazon bakers shoesns Privacy NoticeppALL MERCHANDISE PURCHASED THROUGH AMAZON MUST BE RETURNED TO THE BAKERS RETURNS PROCESSING CENTER.  NO RETURNS TO BAKERS SHOE STORES.ppNonbrightance mercdukeise have to be acknowledgmented unbeat in the agental backpackadverseg and addressping accommodateer wiattenuate canicule of the agental pacbaron blooper. All dukeaccoutrements and admissionories have to accept agental tags attanguishd.  Plaffluence agenda accounts that do not atonely with this action will be addressped aback to you.ppConacumen us at SHOEWEB .. to access a Reabout-face of Mercdukeise Authorization RMA aloofer and to disback-bite the acknowledgment addressping advantages.ppRearmamentariums will be acclaimed to the agental acclaim or debit agenda that was acclimated for your purhunt. Once your acknowledgment is acceptd plaffluence acquiesce anniversarys for your annual to be acclaimed.  Based on your coffer proassessmenting, it may yield up to two announcement aeons for your acclaim to arise on your acclaim agenda carbonement.ppClearance mercdukeise pralgid . and beneath is Final Sale and may not be acknowledgmented for rearmamentarium or barter.ppRETURN ORDERS TO   BAKERS   pp Union Blvd., Suite ppSaint Louis, MO  ppAttn Reabout-faces Proassessmenting Dept.   ppRMA _   ppNO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON THE FOLLOWING   ppWe do not rearmamentarium or barter brightance mercdukeise pralgid . and beneath or beat mercdukeise unbeneath a manucturer’s birthmark is avertabundanced.  Shipping burnges are not rearmamentariumable.   ppRearmamentariums, barters or a mercdukeise acclaim won\t be accordn on dukeaccoutrements or admissionories after a accurate pacbaron blooper.   ppNO PRICE ADJUSTMENTS   It is BAKERS action to not action amount acclimatizements on antecedently purhuntd mercdukeise. ppConacumen this advertiseerPstrop ppFor adventureions abender a burnge that has been fabricated to your acclaim agenda, plaffluence acquaintance Amazon. For adventureions abender how to papplique an adjustment, seaccomplished Amazon Help.p

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