Siddiques cousin, Aquib Iftkhar, says the girl had internal bleeding and lost a substantial amount of blood. Iftkhar described Siddique as an adorable little girl.

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Rabel says Siddique visited the store to get new shoes with her mily before the mirror fell on her. The girl was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Riverdale police Lt. Nicole Rabel told news outlets that Ifrah Siddique was found severely injured Friday night. The discount footwear company said in a statement Sunday that it is devastated and that company is working with authorities to understand the nature of this accident.

Payless Shoes is offering condolences to the mily of a yearold girl who died after a mirror inside one of its suburban Atlanta stores fell on top of the girl.payless shoesyearold girl dies after mirror lls on her at Payless Shoes in suburban Atlanta police say

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